Greater Details for the Perfect Film Discovery

The first character, which in this regard must distinguish the ideal film, is respect for man. There is in fact no reason to remove it from the general norm, according to which those who deal with men must be respectful to man.

The Differences

Although differences in age, condition and sex may suggest a different behaviour and adaptation, man still remains, with the dignity and height, which the Creator gave him when he did it in his image and likeness (Gen. ., 1, 26).In man it is the spiritual and immortal soul; it is the microcosm with its multiplicity and its polymorphism, with the marvellous arrangement of all its parts; it is the thought and the will with the fullness and the amplitude of the field of its activity; it is the emotional life with its elevations and its depths; it is the world of the senses with its multiform powers, perceiving and feeling; it is the body formed in its last fibres according to a teleology still not fully explored. Man is made lord in this microcosm; he must freely guide himself according to the laws of truth, goodness and beauty, like nature, cohabitation with his fellow men and divine revelation. As you watch best movies online on 123movies you will be having the perfect opportunities.

Since the cinematic spectacle, as we have seen, has the power to bend the spectator’s mind towards good or evil, we will only call that film ideal, which not only does not offend what we have just described, but treats it with respect. Indeed, even this is not enough.

We must say that strengthens and elevates man in the consciousness of his dignity; that makes him more know and love the high degree in which he was placed in his nature by the Creator; that speaks to him of the possibility of increasing in himself the qualities of energy and virtue available to him; that strengthens his persuasion that he can overcome obstacles and avoid wrong resolutions; that can always get up from falls and get back on track; which, finally, can progress from good to better through the use of its freedoms and faculties.

Such a film would already have in reality the fundamental function of an ideal film; but it can be attributed even more, if a loving understanding is added to respect for man. Remember the moving word of the Lord: “I pity this people” (Mark 8, 2).

Human life here has its heights and its abysses, its ascents and its declines, it moves between virtues and vices, between conflicts, tangles and truces, know victories and defeats. All this each experiences in its own way, corresponding to its internal and external conditions, and according to the different ages, which, like a river, lead him from mountain landscapes to wooded hills, to endless plains sun-baked. For 123 Movies this happens to be a very important part.