Window décor, Curtains, and Blinds

A house seems incomplete with its windows all exposed, showing the inside out. The privacy is at minimum and safety seems uncertain. To complete a house to its fullest curtains are an important décor that is necessary. Curtains and blinds are used to keep the windows covered, and also act as an illumination barrier from the outside and also gives privacy and fullness to the overall look of the house. They are also known as window treatments funnily enough and the options are overwhelming, but let’s start with tradition.


These are made out of thick fabric material, they are in a panel form and are most often sold in pairs.  They come in a wide variety of with, length, colors, can be embroidered, printed upon. Fabrics can differ, from velvet to cotton, maybe even silk etc.  they can be used for every room from bedrooms to dining and are also used in bathrooms and kitchen.

They not only act as window treatments but can be used to divide a big room into two rooms, acting as a barrier. Curtains are usually seen hanging from rods using rings and hooks to hang on to it. They are usually pushed side to side manually but nowadays there are even electrical curtains that can be drawn with the push of a button.

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